What is Shamanism?

Through my daily routine as a Shamanic practitioner and teacher, I find myself answering the question, at least to the best of my ability! “What is Shamanism”? Various different people ask this question and I need to find different ways to answer it all depending on who is asking. By saying this I mean at what place are they at from a spiritual context.

Finding yourself

An article based on Soul Retrieval
By Aldo Jordan,

Shamanic practitioner & Teacher with the Irish school of Shamanic studies

If i asked everyone the honest question of how much of your genuine self have you lost through your timeline (lifetime) to this present day, what would you say? Or would you understand what the question is ?How much of your essential energy essence has left you?
I have written a number of articles with the same heading, but written in different ways with the same meaning.


Bealtaine is one of the main Celtic fire festivals of the year. A time to welcome in summer, a time to welcome growth and fertility. A time to celebrate the Sun in all its might and a time to put the animals to pasture after a considerable amount of times spent indoors out of the cold depths of winter.