School FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i receive more information about this training?

You have many options in which you can gather information about our training program. You can call us, email us or use our social media channels. We always advise a quick phone call to chat directly with our teachers. Go to the contact us tab on the website homepage.

How can i receive your training schedule?

Our schedule can be found on our website. Our scheduled training dates work from most current training, right up to training programs scheduled 24 months months in to the future. For further information please email us. Our email address can be found on the contact us tab on the home page.

How does payment work ?

To book in to any of our training groups, a €450 pre-payment is required to secure your place. This payment is a pre-payment for module 1, 2 & 3. When payment is received this solidifies your booking. This is strictly a non-refundable payment. If you cancel your training this is not refunded. After module 3  you pay €175 for each monthly training weekend.

How can i pay the initial deposit?

You can pay over the phone by debit/credit card. You can pay through our websites payment system. You can also use paypal.

What if i cant make it to a training weekend?

If a student can not make it to one of the scheduled training weekends due to certain events, illness, circumstances out of their control, we have a number of systems in place to get the student back up to speed with the rest of the group. You have the choice to do that particular missed module online through our online training system. This is through a recorded video presentation and associated manual. This can be done before you get to the next module of training. Alternatively you can join your teacher on a one to one basis to complete the module. This is usually done on the friday before your scheduled weekend and typically takes one day. So, dont worry about a missed module, we will get you right up to speed. It is important to understand that this should only be used as an alternative in unusual circumstances where the student can not physically attend a training module.

Do i need previous experience in Shamanism?

No, you do not need prior experience. People that contact us and are drawn to contact us are already on a Spiritual path and path of discovery. Shamanism will fine tune that direction for you.

What about accomodation?

While our Shamanic training is non-residential, we do partner with a B&B within close proximity to our centres in Castlebar, Co Mayo. The B&B is a five minute walk from our location. The cost is €40 per night which includes breakfast and has secure parking facilities. All info will be supplied during initial contact.

What will i need to bring with me?

At the start of this training program all you will need to bring with you is a notepad and pen. As students progress through the training you will need to start gathering some important tools for your Shamanic work. Basic tools are Shamanic drum, rattle, crystals etc… There is no rush with this as at first we are looking to connect with the initial stages of Shamanic training. Our sister company the Atlantis holistic giftstore stocks everyrging you will need with a 20% available for all students for the duration of your training.

I do not drive!

Castlebar has a train station and a bus stop. Please check schedules from your location. The train station is approx a 10 min walk from our location with the bus stop being a similar walking distance.

Is food included in this training?

Yes, we provide food for all training weekends. Food is made up of bread, salad, meat and various foods to make up sandwiches and salads. Tea, coffee, water, biscuits also provided. All the above is free of charge.

What if the training is not suitable for me while im in training?

On very rare occassions, a student while in training may feel that the timing is not right or personal circumstance is making it difficult. If so, please just speak to your teacher. You can always restart from where you left of at a later stage.

Sunday outdoor training, what do i need?

All you will need is warm clothes, good boots or wellingtons. We supply a safety statement on the first day of training with a sheet that explains conduct and guidelines while in training. Transport to our outdoor training locations is done through student car pooling.

What will i receive when i complete this training?

You will receive a certificate as a Shamanic practitioner. You will also receive a certificate as a Shamanic Reiki practitioner. Shamanic Reiki is a part of this overall Shamanic training program. Certificates can only be awarded when the full 24 days training are completed.

What time do we start in the mornings?

Saturday morning start time is 10.30am and Sundays start at 10am.

Please call 086 3750250 for lots more information.