House & land healing


Healing the Space

House and land healing Ireland is a service based on working with the removal of harmful geopathic energies from peoples homes, workplaces (etc).

Geopathic energies are harmful energies that can be carried in to your home through underground streams, fault lines and ley lines.

Geopathic energies are EMF, electro magnetic frequencies(energies) that can be harmful to our overall physical and mental health. While they enter the dwelling the emmit an energy that geopathically stresses us, it sustains a low vibrational energy within your direct enviornment that slowly can begin to affect a persons general wellbeing and immunity.

Geopathic stresses are man made through unhealthy earth energies from microwave style energies, mobile phone and telecommunication masts, electronics and electrical pylons / poles and general emmitants from modern electro enviornments.

Leylines or energy lines literally are the energetic veins of the earth that abound the land and magnetise these energies in to the veins, they can also be carried through underground water systems/streams. We do not need to live in built up areas to become affected, simply because they will carry in to remote areas through the energy lines and can be carried great distances through these energy lines in to remote areas.

I have seen areas being affected by geopathic stress that are dozens of miles away from built up areas, telecommunication towers etc… if we spend lengthy periods of time in this energy field it will have a draining affect on the state of our health. You would be surprised to understand that this issue is exceptionally prevalant. House and land healing Ireland is a Mayo based nationwide business specifically working around clearing unhealthy energies from houses, land and workplaces, a part of the Irish School of Shamanic Studies .

For house and land healing we use a powerful gridding system when dealing with geopathic energies in homes and for negative energy in general. This system has a very high success rate, infact next to a 100% success rate. It is a non intrusive nine point external gridding system that was developed by our Shamanic practitioners over years of trial, study and experience, making our mehods the most powerful version possible when dealing with these unwanted energies . It involves working and clearing the energies of the home through our Shamanic healing and clearing practices.

We are dowsers, diviners and can easily pick up on these energies on location. We use copper, rose quartz crystals and black tourmaline crystals in our gridding system. This is done external to the home. This creates an energetic protection barrier. Regarding geopathic stressed homes, the protective grid prevents the geopathic electro magnetic frequencies from entering the home through our diversion methods, so your home becomes free from these harmful energies. It allows your home and dwellers to regain their natural energies and strength without being influenced by these dibilitating circumstances.

We then go back in to the home and do a final cleansing of risidual energies after the external gridding in complete. While your home is Geopathically stressed it can drain you, preventing you from allowing yourself to heal and be in your own natural power, it can make you feel depressed and lacking in energy, it can prevent you from sleeping well and from feeling generally well. It reduces our immune systems.

If you are diagnosed with an illness it is incredibly hard to overcome the illness in this draining enviornment. It is imperative to regain your life quality back, your health and the work we do is to work with these places to make it fully your space without these distractions and interferences. It is vital to clear these energies from your home, land and workplaces.

House and land healing Ireland also works with negative energies on land and in homes that may be relative to curses, Spirit attachments. This all results in bad luck, accidents, bad health with people, animals and crops. There can be negative energies lurking in lands connected to family feuds, hungers, battles etc. This can have devastating effects on land and its dwellers. Clearing this energy is of paramount importance, to lift the curse or cross over earthbound spirits that are attached to places. Earthbound spirits and curses can be embedded in areas for centuries if not millennia . Our work as Shamanic practitioners with House and land healing Ireland will help with these issues through our ancient Shamanic healing practices.