Intermediate Level Module 4


Intermediate Shamanic Practitioners Course, Module Four: Two days. Cost €175

The Shamanic Land

In module four of the Intermediate Shamanic Practitioners Course, The Shamanic Land, we look in greater depth at the energies of the land.  The ancient Shamanic peoples of Ireland had a profound connection with the land, the seasons and the energies around them.  They practised what has come to be known as the ‘Faery Faith’, with a fundamental belief in Elves, Faeries, Elementals, Leprechauns and Nature Spirits, paying great reverence to them at stone circles and sacred sites.  The modern Shamanic practitioner has a profound understanding of these energies and, in Ireland, would work with them for the benefit of the people and the land.  In this module, we will look at how the ancient peoples connected with these energies, used the ‘Wheel of the Year’ and how each season has its own particular energy.  We will also look at how there are some toxic natural energies, such as geopathic stress, that can be detected, measured and eradicated by ancient means, in an attempt to heal the earth and allow people to live in safety on the land. In this module we will be working strongly with the land and the special energies associated with the land. The Irish school of Shamanic studies is constantly at the coal face when it comes to discovery of special places and constantly fine tuning our methods and discoveries when it comes to land work. Working in association and in total respect of the Spirits and keepers of the land. Working with portals and Spirit gateways in the land, and learning the real reasons why stone circles were built where they were, stone circles and ancient burial sites likewise. We reveal the secrets behind these structures, simply by divining on location. We will also be digging deep in to geopathic stress energies that abound the earth and can have a profoundly negative impact on our health. Geopathic energies are electro magnetic frequencies that are harmful energies created by electro activity such as pylons, wifi frequencies etc.. that can become trapped within the natural energies of the earth (Veins of the Earth) We will be visiting a house where we will be dowsing, gridding and protecting the house from these harmful energies through a very unique method with the Irish school of Shamanic studies. We journey to all the aspects of this module and to connect with our Spirit guides to build a strong relationship. In all training modules we will connect with a minimum of four Shamanic journeys.  A very powerful weekend.



An overview of this training program.

This twelve month training program is very much a comprehensive study of Shamanic practices. This is very much a step by step training. Starting at the bottom step as a group of Shamanic students and working up through the steps module by module. As mentioned in the step by step explanation of each module (Above) lets take a quick overview of the comprehensive content within this training.

We will be discovering and working with your Spirit team, Spirit guides, Spirit Animals, Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Ascended masters. Working through the Shamanic cosmology, the otherworlds in Shamanism. These include upperworld, middleworld and lowerworld journeys. We will also work through and become fluent in our journey connections. One of the key areas we will be working in is the traditionally Irish method of journeying to the otherworldly islands known as the Immramma. Ancestral healing / Family tree healing, past lives healing, Soul retrieval and the important work of the Shamanic psychopomp, also know as the soul midwife. These are the core areas in Shamanic healing.

We also study and practice healing through sound and vibration, divination in its many forms, Shamanic Reiki from the Guarani tribe in central Brazil, we will be studying this ancient Shamanic method of healing, each student will become attuned to this healing method with a certificate awarded for this specific part of the training. Studying the affects of geopathic stress energies and other harmful energies will play a big roll in this training.

Working with ancient sites like stone circles, standing stones, healing wells will also be a central part of this training where we will visit twenty seven ancient sites over the twelve months training, at these sites we will explore and discover ancient portals and Spirit gateways, the ancestral energies, Spirits of place and elemental energies. We will create a very strong relationship with the land and these ancient sites. We will begin to understand that these ceremonial places will play a big role in your development as a Shamanic practitioner. You will learn all about the fairylore, folklore, history and archaeology of these special places. Working with the sacred Celtic trees as oracles and healers is an important part of this training, learning the sacred language of the trees and how we can build a powerful relationship with them.

The extraction of negative harmful energies is also a very prominent feature in this extensive training program. We do not require large deposits, a non-refundable pre-payment of €100 for module one is required when booking in to this training.

The training payments are a pay as you go system with the exception of a €50 deposit required for the first three modules, the remaining €125 is paid on the following training weekend. On completion of this training program you will receive a certificate as a Shamanic practitioner. I always advise a phone call to have a deeper conversation regarding this training program. Telephone Aldo Jordan 086 3750250